Role of our Volunteers

There are no specific criteria or time commitment needed. We are looking to engage committed volunteers that reflect the community.

An Ask Us Volunteer will help us:

  • By listening carefully  to local people who may contact you about our work
  • By sharing the knowledge you’ve learned on our training and development programme, along with your local experience to guide and signpost them to suitable support services
  • By helping young local people to understand the risks of becoming involved in gang related activity and encouraging them to look at better life options
  • By helping your local community understand how gangs can affect their day-to-day lives and to spot signs that they or their family and friends may be knowingly or inadvertently becoming involved in gang-related activity
  • By positively promoting the Ask Us Service and the other gang prevention services offered in the borough
  • By dealing sympathetically and appropriately with any disclosures made by people who contact you needing help.

To learn more, see our Volunteer role profile