When a child goes missing; essential steps a parent/guardian should take

Nothing is more nerve-wracking to a parent than when a child goes missing. Of the thousands of missing children reported annually, fortunately, the majority of missing person cases are resolved within hours. But gangs and criminal networks do groom and exploit children as part of their drug markets..

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Misunderstanding of drill music leading to unfair convictions?

A report produced by JUSTICE, a working party examining the causes of BAME disproportionality in the Youth Justice System has identified Courts and Prosecutors misunderstanding of drill music purely as an incitement to violence as one factor contributing to the over-representation of minority ethnic..

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Drill music – a means of self-expression? Or giving ‘violence’ a voice?

Drill music, originating from Chicago, is a form of rap music. Its beats, flow, and the way it’s produced, differentiates it from its predecessor, grime music.

Most drill artists are young people with plenty to say on issues like climate change, politics, and austerity. However, historically,..

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How to save a life: emergency first aid for victims of knife crime.

A must watch clip for all young people as lead nurse for Violence Reduction at The Royal London Hospital, Michael Carver, explains what happens when someone is stabbed and what you need to do to help save them. It also provides some insight on what environment young people can experience when..

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Ask Me about gangs scheme

The ‘Ask Me About Gangs’ service deployed its first
Ambassadors this autumn as part of the Borough Council’s gang prevention
programme. The new service builds on two recent successes; a similar project
promoted by Women’s Aid supporting victims of domestic violence, and the

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Violence Reduction Approach shows initial success stories in its first year

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Waltham Forest Council
as part of their violence reduction partnership. The first annual report was
published on 1st November 2019 and highlights:

A collaborative, partnership approach that recognises the collective responsibility..

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Is Knife crime reaching a ‘record high’ in England and Wales?

Last week the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published
the latest crime statistics leading a number of newspapers to publish headlines
that knife crime in England and Wales had risen to a “record high”. Nationwide,
the country has seen an overall rise of seven per cent,..

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