• Are you passionate about supporting young people in our community?
  • Are you someone who has great reach into or influence with your local community?
  • Do you want to help provide better opportunities for young people?
  • Do you want training that will help you shape young lives?

If the answer is yes, add your name to the growing number of local people becoming ‘Ask Me’ ambassadors.  

You will focus on helping young people find positive alternatives to gang membership and youth violence. Our ambassadors are trained to listen to and support young people, encouraging them to steer away from the dangers of gang life.

Our programme will give you the skills and confidence to offer independent advice and support. You’ll also join a network that’s connecting young people to the local opportunities they need to change their lives.

Sign up below for one of our free training courses. Do something now to create a positive gang-free future in Waltham Forest. 

Role of a Community Volunteer

There are no specific criteria or qualifications needed. We are looking to engage committed Volunteers that reflect the community.

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Register your interest

Your local community needs you to become an ‘Ask Us’ Volunteer ambassador to help educate your contacts about the dangers of gang related crime and youth violence. Working with us and local partners, you can help make a difference through our ‘Ask Us’ scheme.

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Ask Us

‘Ask Me’ Volunteers and other partners linked to the borough’s gang prevention programme can support young people (and their families) to make good decisions.

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Success Stories

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Using your personal information

Any information you provide will be kept on our database and shared with London Borough of Waltham Forest and its Gang Prevention Programme Partners.

To understand how we use your data please see our data protection policy.

For further information on how your information is used and how we maintain security of your information, please contact info@ask-us.org.uk